Making a Difference, Together

For Physicians

Dr. Wasserman understands the importance of a collaborative medical approach to patient care. If you have a patient who has been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and needs treatment, we invite you to fill out the prescription form below. Additionally, we help treat patients who have a snoring or Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome diagnosis.

Patient Liaison smiling at front desk with a wooden paneled background.Cozy mint couch with an endtable holding a globe and bookshelf above it on the background wall.Supplies are being provided to the patient across the counter, placed inside a bag.sleep apnea patient being shown a demo by the dentist A patient is shown a clay model depicting a mouth with a sleeping device inserted..

Let’s Make it Official

Dr. Kylie Wasserman enjoys meeting with physicians and their team to educate on oral device therapy and how we can be a resource for you and your patients.

If this is something you feel would benefit your office and would like to schedule a lunch and learn please contact us today.

*Please note, when referring a patient to our office, we need a copy of the patient’s Diagnostic Sleep Study and a Prescription/LOMN.

Prescription Form
a dentist showing an oral therapy appliance to a sleep apnea patient

Why Three Sisters Sleep?

Team up with a dedicated Doctor

Dr. Wasserman understands that your patients may prefer an alternative to CPAP therapy and we are here to help. What you can expect from our office:

Constant Communication

We will always send follow up letters so you can follow along with your patient’s treatment.

Insurance Partnerships

We work with and DIRECTLY bill all major medical insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid.

We Provide Professional Care

We follow AADSM protocol for treating snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Safe and Secure

We follow the Oregon Board of Dentistry requirements by always requiring a Letter of Medical Necessity and prescription from a physician.

Utilizing Premium Devices

We only utilize high-quality oral devices. Each patient is unique and we will select the device we feel will give them the most success.

We Further Educate Patients

We educate patients on optimizing sleep utilizing positional therapy, nasal strips, mouth tape, sleep hygiene, and lifestyle changes.

Effective Treatment

We continue to see great results with oral device therapy due to patient comfort and compliance.

We Believe in Honesty

We are not afraid to tell a patient oral device therapy may not be the best treatment choice for them.